Vampire Bat Lecter, Majesty of the Roses

Fulfilling the role of Monarch.

Pink Rose Court Line members:

Grimly Fiendish Lecter

Robert  Jones

River Delacour

Kendall Smith

Rose Court – House Court of the Cabaret Theater

  • Executes Pageant of the Roses
  • Top 4 become: Majesty, King, Queen and Monarch of the Roses,
  • Audience Choice Award Winner is Majesty of the Order of the Rose.
  • Replaces the Sweetheart Fashion Show
  • The Majesty succeeds any open position but is also considered equal in terms of rank. 
  • All line members must be approved by the Artistic Director of the Cabaret and in consensus with the other monarchs of the respective court.
  • This court assists with the Pageant of the Roses, and diplomatic affairs related to the following: Community, Mental Health and Accessibility – other areas determined by inaugural court.
  • This court hosts several parties/events throughout the year to raise funds for the areas mentioned.
  • This court may raise funds for themselves as members of the court for personal financial assistance as needed or when needed.
  • Will work with other courts / houses during the year.
  • Known Funding needs or targets which can be raised as part of the court events: Crowns, Scepters, medals, gloves, other regalia, business cards, decorations, guest speakers/artists, make-up, wigs, clothing, nonprofit fundraising and snacks (for any events if wanted).

Black Rose Court Line members:

Curio Lecter

Anitra Blue

Bryan Andrew Lambe

Kit Kombat

Rozalyn Black, Queen of the Roses

Marcus Michèle Ticey, King of the Roses

Fire and Ice Court Line members:

Kitana M. Kyng

Blayze M. Aurora

Dagger  Cox

Cameron Ticey