We serve a diplomatic function under the Order of the Dove and Lily for Sidewinders Bar, the Cabaret at Sidewinders and any other entity that is closely affiliated.  The bar general and assistant managers work in conjunction with court and maintain decision-making functions related to the bar and may overrule any decision of the family. Diplomatic functions include attending events as representatives as well as assisting each other and the community when needed.

Members of the household are given the titles of Lærds, Ladies and Lords; they serve administrative and community needs.  They help find and discover needs in the community so the community voices can be heard and greater reach can be obtained when being involved in the community in terms of helping others.  They will vote on certain policies, procedures, awardees, and anything that a broader perspective and voice are needed.

The following members of the Order of the Dove and Lily include:

  • Lærd Vampire Lecter
  • Lord Ike Michèle Ion
  • Lord Marcus Michèle Ticey
  • Lord Suavecito Michèle Ticey
  • Lord Seph Michèle Alan
  • Lady J'Adore Michèle Amour
  • Lady Natasha Hummingbird
  • Lady Lilith Stargazer
  • Lady Orchid Lyricque Michèle
  • Lady Kitana Michèle Kyng
  • Lady Mistress Shelly Michèle
  • Lady Kylie Michèle
  • Lady Tanisha Michèle Ferrari
  • Lady Delilah Michèle
  • Lord J. Alex Douglas
  • First Lady Renée Michèle Toya-Bouvier
  • Lord Papa Michael

As members of the Order, they follow the Rules and Regulations of the Cabaret (posted on http://www.sidewindersbar.net/rules-and-regulations---events.html)

A few family requirements will include attending open-to-the-public cultural events (drag and non-drag) to learn by watching performers, as well as classes in movement, stage and personal presentation and relationship management.

If you would like to join the The Michèle household or Dove and Lily Order, please contact Sidewinders via the front page contact.

Membership is by invitation, commitment to the community and desire to provide strategic direction to the cabaret.

Yule Court aka Court of the Winter Wonderland - Forth Coming

  • Executes Pageant of the Winter Wonderland – Order of the Yule - Pageant
  • Top 3 become: King, Queen and Monarch of Winter Wonderland
  • All line members (if one is dedicated) must be approved by the Artistic Director of the Cabaret and in consensus with the other monarchs of the respective court.
  • The line will not elevate in rank unless approved by the Cabaret Artistic Director.  This court assists with diplomatic affairs related to Religion, Spirituality, Emotional Well-Being, Friendship, Animal Welfare, the Homeless and Needy, and hosts several parties/events throughout the year (mid-year Winter in July) to raise funds for the areas mentioned.
  • Known Funding needs or targets which can be raised as part of the court events: Crowns, Scepters, medals, gloves, other regalia, business cards, decorations, guest speakers/artists, make-up, wigs, clothing, nonprofit fundraising and snacks (for any events if wanted).
  • Required to fund raise throughout the year.  Requirements include $250 over 2 events - $500 total.

Vampire Bat Lecter

Mistress Shelly Michèle

J. Alex Douglas

Order of the Dove and lily - court of the cabaret

Seph M. Alan

Renée Michèle Toya-Bouvier, First Lady of Sidewinders, Artistic Director of the Cabaret Theater

Renée Michèle Toya-Bouvier holds degrees in English literature (BA), marketing (MBA-Honors), vocal performance (BMus/MMus), and is completing a PhD in Public Affairs. She  studied voice, movement and acting  (Meisner) at the Neighborhood Playhouse, under the guidance of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), and the Acting Studio.  She is Chief Operating Officer of Sidewinders and oversees all entertainment/events of the Cabaret.

She would like to thank her family (Mom and Dad) and friends, especially her mother Martinique Bouvier, Jacquêsán Taylor-Stratton, Diamond Rico-Stratton, the staff of Sidewinders and her children for being wonderful parts of her life.  She also would like to thank the more than 100 individuals it took to open the cabaret and the more than 300 who have performed there since it has opened. 

Delilah Michèle

Tanisha Michèle Ferrari

Lilith Stargazer

Orchid Lyricque Michèle

 Ike M. Ion

Marcus Michèle Ticey

Suavecito M. Ticey

 Kitana Michèle Kyng

Photo Courtesy of Aba Ortiz

J'Adore Michèle Amore

J'Adore was born here in Albuquerque, on May 23, 1992. She ran for Mr. New Mexico  November of last year and was fortunate to be the 1st runner up. She was producer for the Fashion Show called "New Mexico Sweetheart Fashion Show" and the "Jennifer Lopez Tribute Show" Both helped her to grow as a person, inside and out. Thank you Mama R & Daddy M. By the Cabaret's Artistic Director, she was asked to serve as Lady J'Adore in the capacity of Diplomat of Interstate Relations, as she ventures into a new chapter of life in Denver, CO.

 Natasha Hummingbird